Fat Baby 2

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Are you looking for new online entertainment to relieve stress and just relax? Then this new game can help you a lot. It is designed for only one player but it is real fun even when played alone. So, what is the mission in Fat Baby 2? The story takes you to a routine city environment where you see a plain baby crawling around the streets wearing only a diaper. It will be your hero. But do not expect for lovely playing with toys. The plot is very far from it. Your baby needs to be fed, and the food should be found around. Carefully study the location – you will see pancakes and other edible things scattered around. Start with these snacks. You will notice that your hero will start growing soon after you give you several treats. This is actually your main purpose to give him as much food as possible and enable him to reach the maximum size possible. Till your hero is small, he will be able to eat only small items. But as he grows bigger, his menu will also increase.

Every time, the baby gets more power and soon will be able to make his way through lots of obstacles with no effort. Actually, you can make your character so powerful that he will easily break buildings and other constructions and even swallow these! It will turn into a real monster! At the beginning of the game you will see that there are other baby characters around the place. Some of them are as small as your hero and others are much bigger. Be very careful not to meet a bigger one as you will be immediately eaten! You can approach only smaller opponents and attack them to take on their weight! The walkthrough is very dynamic, and you will literally have no time to think over the next step. You will need to act instantly and intuitively. Help your hero cross the roads with heavy traffic without being killed and avoid pedestrians that may bring harm to you. Everything you can do to make your baby invulnerable is to make him bigger than anybody else around. You will need to be very smart to avoid all dangers and reach a really giant size! Use all possible bonuses and boosters to speed up this process and earn as many experience points as you can. Once you do everything correctly, soon, there will be nobody as powerful as you in Fat Baby 2! Check your agility and prove you can set a new record every time you play this funny game! There are no players that would not have positively assessed this lovely adventure!

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