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The world of modern online games is unbelievably variegated. You will easily find a story in any genre. But we bet you have never tried anything like what we are going to offer you now. Play for a baby! Do not rush to conclusions until you see everything with your own eyes! This character is not the usual baby you may have already pictured. It is a real monster that can destroy everything on its way! Are you ready to accept the challenge? Then it is the right time to get started!


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A little about the plot

So what is your task in this exciting story? Your character looks pretty innocent – it is just a baby! But wait for a second and you will see he is not so helpless as he looks at first glance. This hero is more than hungry and will gladly devour everything that can be found around. Indeed, you will see lots of food scattered in the street. Try not to miss a single pancake. You will notice that your hero will start to grow if you feed him well. Roll around the endless location and eat everything you can find. The bigger the baby becomes the more things he will be able to eat. You will be surprised to find out that this hungry chaser can consume not only traditionally edible objects but lots of other items from the surrounding world. So it will not be a problem for the hero to swallow a bench or even a car. And once you achieve a really decent size, you can even attack people and boost your growth to an unbelievable extent. Feed your hero to become a true giant that can set the whole Fat Baby world to chaos in a minute!

Avoid all the dangers!

Note that this game is not trouble-free as your hero will face a lot of difficulties during his adventure. The thing is, he is not the only baby here – you will meet many others babies. And some of them will be bigger than your hero. Smaller opponents can be attacked and swallowed but it is better to stay away from those who are bigger than you. These larger antagonists are also hunting for food, and you can easily become their snack if you are too careless. But it is only a part of the struggle you will have to go through. You will move in an open environment with heavy traffic and lots of evil pedestrians. Make sure you are crossing the street only when there are no cars on the horizon otherwise, you will be smashed! While you are still small, everyone can kick you out of his way. So it is better to avoid strangers until you consume enough food and become big enough to attack these enemies back. As you grow up, you will be able to eat not only small things but even cars and buildings. You will have enough power to break these into pieces and swallow them piece by piece. You will unlock thrilling skins as you move on and set new achievements! The project is not yet finished, and you will enjoy new features every time you are ready to kill some time with Fat Baby! So dive into this fabulous adventure right now, you will adore it!

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