Fat Baby Zombie

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Some games can be only properly assessed while playing. Fat Baby Zombie is one of such entertainments. If you have already played the original release, you know the main idea of the adventure. You play for the baby. But forget about feeding and traditional care. Here, the mission is completely different. Your hero is not keen on toys and games. This baby is looking for food! Now you understand why you see so many pancakes and other tasty food around. Try not to miss any of these. As you eat, you will start to enlarge in size. And what is even more thrilling, you will notice not even visual transformation of your character. He will start to eat literally everything he meets on his way. The fat baby will easily swallow a fence or a car, or even a careless pedestrian. It is the main task to eat as much as possible and become huge and powerful. Once you are big enough, you should not worry about dangers and possible obstacles – you will easily crash them all! However, in this mod, it will not be so easy.

The thing is that besides normal game characters you will face zombies in this mod. You know well from other projects that these bloodthirsty creatures are very dangerous. It will be especially difficult to avoid their attacks while your character is still small. You will need to find as much food for him as possible to grow in record times. Your enemies will try to chase you from all possible corners, so stay on the alert to be ready to either run away or fed off the attackers. Use all methods you can to stop the antagonists – crash buildings and trees to win some time and escape. There are many cool boosters you may use to make things move faster and attractive bonuses to facilitate your walkthrough. Start this stunning adventure right now to see how many evil zombies you will be able to delete. You will enjoy the lively plot and crazy confrontations! Start this thrilling experience right now!

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