Fat Baby

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Welcome to a very unusual game, where you will play for a baby. But do not say there can be nothing special about such a plot. Your hero is not as funny and cute as you may expect. Even if you start with a usual baby, it will start changing really fast. And his rapid transformation may even shock some players. The little hero can eat everything he meets on his way. And it is not a joke. It is actually your task to feed your character with everything you can find around you. You will see lots of different food scatters in the streets. With every new portion, the size of your personage will increase. But do not worry about food – you will be moving in an open environment and there will be plenty of stuff around for you to devour.

Your only task is not to miss it! You can easily swallow not only cupcakes but even the most unexpected objects like benches, cars and even peaceful pedestrians. There are many of your opponents crawling around – try to eat those babies that are smaller than you and take their fat! You should not stop even for a moment as you need to continuously become bigger in size. It is vital to understand that while you are still small, you can eat only small items. As you will be growing, the assortment of your food will also increase. Note that you are not the only hungry hunter in this game. There are other babies chasing for some snacks around. And many of them are already bigger than you and can easily attack you.

So watch around when you move across the streets. Besides, you will be crawling in a quite lively neighborhood – your baby needs to cross lots of roads and maneuver between many dangerous objects. Watch carefully not to be hit by the car or attacked by someone evil. Make sure to guide your hero skillfully otherwise, he will get hurt. Only when you achieve a decent volume you can become a real threat to others. Even in a body of a baby, you will get superpower to crash everything on your way. Despite the seemingly simple plot, the developers added many interesting details to make the walkthrough engaging. Players will be able to unlock lots of funny skins to enjoy the process to the fullest. Every day, more and more destructive objects are added to this virtual environment. Break buildings and fences and eat them to reach an incredible size and set a stunning record ever! Play the game every day and enjoy new thrilling content!

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